Sep 13, 2010

Photo Diary

Jenny Lewis-Black Sand
Dear lovely readers,

I have decided to start posting a weekly or bi-weekly photo diary in this little space of mine. I love to find inspiring images online and on other blogs but I also consider myself somewhat of an enthusiast when it comes to finding inspiration in the things around me. So, provided that I have something interesting to share, I will be continuing with little photo diary entries like this. Let me know what you think!

Thanks for all of the support. If you like the blog please don't be shy to click the little button to the right of this post and follow me! Also, comments are very welcome as well. I read every one and make sure to take the time to respond!

Photo Diary

Michigan Labor Day

it was windy..
one of my dream houses. so rustic...

Sharon Woods/Sunsets

Highlands Cafe/Friends

the pets at Highlands


these little guys are available and ready to go to a good home if anyone is interested

My friend's gorgeous new baby girl Kimora

Morning Coffee/Farmer's Market

there are clouds in my coffee...

My baby

mon petit chat noir


  1. This is so cute! I love the pictures of the ktitens, and your baby :)

  2. Awww!! These are all really amazing pictures!!

    Also, I just wanted to let you know that I haven't posted anything yet, but I did create a blog. You were kind of my inspiration because I can see the positive effect it has on you. So if get the chance, check mine out too and follow me =) I'll probably do my first post tonight. Mine's called Oasis Child.

  3. @Stephanie- thanks! those kittens were so cute I wanted to take them home so badly. but nothing can compare to Bagira. He's my baby!

    @Nathan- that is so exciting that you have created a blog! I can't wait to follow it. it can be really fun and rewarding for sure. I'm sure yours will be very interesting. miss you <3

  4. highlands cafe!!
    i remember you, leah, isa, me took tons of pic there after we went to isa's moms art show:) hehe super great time!

  5. i do remember that! that was such a good time. I still have videos that I took that night. awww i miss you! <3