Mar 8, 2010

as tears dissolve on thy lips

Song-Goby by Kaki King

one of my sketches.
"Dear Prudence, open up your eyes."
"Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."

I was thinking today about tears, how they are so beautiful because they are something that we as humans can't control and they represent something that is so universal. They are so free and wild and can come on at any given moment, and we can do nothing to stop them. They are something that is understood in every language and in every culture. Tears are truly beautiful. I wish I could collect them. But then again, that is another thing that makes them so beautiful; they stream out of our eyes one second and fall to the ground or dissolve on our lips the next second. Blood is like that too. It flows through all of us, keeps us alive, makes us blush when we are embarrassed or in love, gives us warmth, gives us life. Life is beautiful in that way. Blood and tears are something we all have in common. Sometimes I think we forget that. Sometimes we let cultural differences or language become a barrier and an excuse for not relating to others. Life is so delicate and so beautiful.

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