Apr 30, 2011

Outfit Post V. II

As promised, although very much overdue, my most recent outfit post...

A while back I went to a clothing swap and found this lovely little black maxy dress. I have been seeing sheer dresses and skirts all over recently and decided to try it out. So I bought some fabric and called up my wonderful seamstress and voila!

altered dress: Gap, jacket: H&M, scarf: Forever XXI, platforms: Deena & Ozzy (Urban Outfitters)

It is so comfortable and flawy. Definitely a favorite for summer!


Apr 20, 2011

Fashinspiration V. I

Some images that make my pocketbook burn and make me yearn for warmer weather....

What I'm feelin...
the best way to describe it, I would say, is soft florals, pastels and creams mixed and accented with a bit of freerider edge. I cannot wait until the weather cooperates with me so I can attempt some of these looks.

I'm Lovin:
pastels, creams, florals, neons, floppy hats, turqouise, rings...lots of them, wedges, long hair, tribal prints, vintage jean shorts & fringe.

Also, I know I promised an outfit post about a week ago and although I took the pictures, I haven't gotten to posting them. But soon, I promise! In the meantime you can check out a couple of past outfit posts here and here. I don't do many and often feel awkward but they can be fun...

Apr 11, 2011

What's Going On?

Just a few things happening in my life....

This weekend was pretty fantastic. Friday I went to the Shadowbox theater for lunch with a friend. If you have never been you should definitely go. it is a musical/sketch comedy show and you can order food and drinks while being entertained. They also like to embarrass you so that can always be fun haha.

(images from my phone of downtown Cincinnati and some parks downtown)

Saturday I went to a bellydance performance of one of my good friends. She was amazing and afterward we went back to her house for some drinks/to hang out. Then, Sunday my lovely friend Kate (who is an amazing photographer) treated me to an early birthday present by taking some photos of me which turned out really great. I can't wait to share them once they are edited!. I ended the night by walking to Starbucks to read and proceeded to tear the skin off my toe from sandals I had never worn before. Ouch! So now my feet are covered in band-aids and I had to get someone to come pick me up because I couldn't stand the thought of walking back with how bad my feet were torn up. All in all though, the weekend was pretty fantastic and the weather was insanely gorgeous. It was in the mid 80's here! It felt so nice to feel the return of the sun's warmth!

(some images from my phone of my evening walks to Starbucks)

This week's plans:
I am checking out this new yoga studio where they are offering a free month's classes of yoga. I can't wait to get into a routine and I have already mapped out which classes I will be taking. I will of course be keeping you lovelies updated as the yoga classes progress. My parents agreed to help me pay for classes once my free month is up (being that I am on a meager college student's wages right now). Anyways, if you live in Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky you should definitely check out World Peace Yoga & Motion Studio.

Other plans include attempting to finish the final book in the Harry Potter series. I started re-reading them back in October and with school and life, things got pretty crazy so it has taken me a while to finish them. I am sad that I am on the last one but excited too because I have so many other books on my list that I want to read! Keep your eyes peeled for a book post soon to come!

Well that is it for now. Hope you all had a lovely weekend.


Apr 10, 2011

Friday Finds to Inspire (2 days late...)

I didn't forget, I promise!

images I am loving...

These hand-holding otters are the cutest ever!

This napkin may help you one day if you happen to be stumbling home drunk from a bar. Pretty ingenious!

This is an awesome spread of modern stars dressed up as pin-up models. Love it!

and some videos that might make you giggle...

a cute little jumping lamb. For some reason every time I watch this it puts me in the best mood. The anticipation of the little jumping lamb...ahhh it gets me every time. I can't stop laughing. Watch the whole thing!

They say twins have a language all their own...

This might just make your day....

Anyways, today is supposed to be 83 degrees and sunny and I could not be more excited. So I am off to study in a park with a friend and then maybe some bike riding later! Hope you lovelies have a fantastic day!


images via weheartit.com

Apr 5, 2011

Outfit Post!

I don't do too many of these....
but I have been inspired by some of my favorite bloggers' outfit posts.

(top: love culture, shorts: express, tights: forever XXI, boots: forever XXI)

Just as a side note, the other day I commented on one of my favorite blogger's (The Showmanship) outfit posts. I didn't expect a response, as she is a pretty big blogger and I am sure is really busy. But she did comment back and it meant so much to me. It definitely inspired me to take more fashion risks and to have more fun with fashion. So whether you are a big blogger or a little blogger out there, I think it definitely makes a difference when you answer comments. So thank you so much Ingrid!

Thanks for stopping by loves!

Apr 4, 2011

spring is upon us!

(Here Comes the Sun..I thought it very fitting...)

This past weekend was the first time in months where I was able to really feel the glorious heat of the sun. I went most of the weekend barefoot, preparing my first ever garden (many more posts to come about gardening!).

I love seeing things coming to life around me. This winter has been especially difficult for me, dealing with the cold and dreary weather. So this spring, more than any other, seems extra special to me. I can't stop smiling at the trees coming into bloom, the birds chirping, the rain washing away the dreary memories of winter, and the sun bringing warmth and rejuvenation to my body and soul.

There are so many things I want to do to take advantage of this beautiful weather. I want to take long bike rides, have picnics, go on evening walks to the coffee shop, read outside on a blanket, walk barefoot as much as possible and dig my feet into the soil. I want to pick flowers and keep the windows open in the house, letting the cool spring air fill my lungs. I want to make bonfires and stay out in the cool night air as long as possible.

rejuvenation has never felt so great....

P.S. keep your eyes peeled for an outfit post soon to come!

images via: weheartit.com

Apr 1, 2011

Friday Finds to Inspire...

Good Morning my dear readers.
I am sitting here with my delicious Seattle coffee (my new favorite called Zoka..brewed right in the neighborhood where I stayed!).

I am also enjoying my first three day weekend of my whole college career. So all in all I am one very happy lady right now. Anyways....
Without further ado...

This little gem reminds you of how beautiful and precious life is...

These amazing paintings that were inspired by children's drawings. Kind of amazing to see how kids see the world. Seriously...check it out!

These crayon sculptures are pretty fantastic

This guy has been making his rounds around the cyber world for quite a while but he is amazing. So check out the Post-it guy's amazing work!

I am completely in love with this yellow submarine tea infuser!

This also has been making its rounds but I felt I just had to share. So cute! The Tragedy of First Position...

Check out this dreamy vacation video from Iceland. Love it!

Take a peak at this adorable DIY cabin! I would so love to be there right now!

As for this weekend, I am off in a bit to see the Cleopatra exhibit then having some delicious sushi tonight with friends...can't wait! Then shadowing at a vet's office tomorrow, getting a peak at the life of a vet tech! Then studying, coffee breaks and possibly a movie. What are your plans for the weekend?

Lastly, if you lovelies wouldn't mind, please check out my last post about combination skin and if you have any advice whatsoever I would oh so greatly appreciate it! Thanks loves!