Apr 5, 2011

Outfit Post!

I don't do too many of these....
but I have been inspired by some of my favorite bloggers' outfit posts.

(top: love culture, shorts: express, tights: forever XXI, boots: forever XXI)

Just as a side note, the other day I commented on one of my favorite blogger's (The Showmanship) outfit posts. I didn't expect a response, as she is a pretty big blogger and I am sure is really busy. But she did comment back and it meant so much to me. It definitely inspired me to take more fashion risks and to have more fun with fashion. So whether you are a big blogger or a little blogger out there, I think it definitely makes a difference when you answer comments. So thank you so much Ingrid!

Thanks for stopping by loves!


  1. I would like to photograph you in this outfit, love. You look amazing :) <3.

  2. wow those tights are killer! i love love love them!

  3. I wonder who took this amazing picture of you? :)

  4. sex-ay! i'm loving those tights something fierce!

  5. thanks guys!
    means so much to me,
    thanks for showing support :)