May 4, 2012


Pure Love - Colin Hay

Ok, I am going to be real with you guys. Commitments are really difficult for me. I get really enthusiastic, almost obsessive about committing to something and then the interest begins to wane.

Well 2 hours from now (May 5th) is my birthday, and while most people make New Years Resolutions, I think this time in my life is a great time to examine and re-examine some things. I am writing this down so I can commit to it, and to have a visual reminder to come back to when that interest wanes.

While these past 24 years have been full of ups and downs, of love and grief, and so many learning experiences, I feel that now is the time to take all that I have learned. Now that I have some years under my belt, and to really, truly honor myself.

Honor myself not just with words, but with actions. To follow through with my commitments.
More than anything I want to commit to being comfortable and confident with who I am. With my body, with my views, with my strength of spirit, with my actions and with my words.
I am committing right here, right now, to radical self love. To shamelessly and lovingly embracing myself.  To get there I plan on:

committing to enjoying the simple things
taking care of my body by first identifying the underlying causes to mistreating it (by starting here)
understanding and living by The Four Agreements (trust me, this stuff is gold)
living less online (in other words, creating my own experiences instead of reading about others' experiences online. It can be so addicting, yet so unfulfilling.) When I look back years from now I don't want to regret not making more experiences.
by never again sacrificing who I am at my core for another person. (lesson learned the hard way, but maybe it needed to be that way to really stick...)
to commit to living less in my head and being more in the present. Being mindful. (practice meditation).
To look within myself and trust myself for the answers.
Above all else, just love myself, radically, freely, shamelessly, without regrets.

P.S. Here are some great, easy steps to begin radically loving yourself
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