Apr 11, 2011

What's Going On?

Just a few things happening in my life....

This weekend was pretty fantastic. Friday I went to the Shadowbox theater for lunch with a friend. If you have never been you should definitely go. it is a musical/sketch comedy show and you can order food and drinks while being entertained. They also like to embarrass you so that can always be fun haha.

(images from my phone of downtown Cincinnati and some parks downtown)

Saturday I went to a bellydance performance of one of my good friends. She was amazing and afterward we went back to her house for some drinks/to hang out. Then, Sunday my lovely friend Kate (who is an amazing photographer) treated me to an early birthday present by taking some photos of me which turned out really great. I can't wait to share them once they are edited!. I ended the night by walking to Starbucks to read and proceeded to tear the skin off my toe from sandals I had never worn before. Ouch! So now my feet are covered in band-aids and I had to get someone to come pick me up because I couldn't stand the thought of walking back with how bad my feet were torn up. All in all though, the weekend was pretty fantastic and the weather was insanely gorgeous. It was in the mid 80's here! It felt so nice to feel the return of the sun's warmth!

(some images from my phone of my evening walks to Starbucks)

This week's plans:
I am checking out this new yoga studio where they are offering a free month's classes of yoga. I can't wait to get into a routine and I have already mapped out which classes I will be taking. I will of course be keeping you lovelies updated as the yoga classes progress. My parents agreed to help me pay for classes once my free month is up (being that I am on a meager college student's wages right now). Anyways, if you live in Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky you should definitely check out World Peace Yoga & Motion Studio.

Other plans include attempting to finish the final book in the Harry Potter series. I started re-reading them back in October and with school and life, things got pretty crazy so it has taken me a while to finish them. I am sad that I am on the last one but excited too because I have so many other books on my list that I want to read! Keep your eyes peeled for a book post soon to come!

Well that is it for now. Hope you all had a lovely weekend.


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