Jul 29, 2014

Born of the Sea Has Moved!!!


The time has come. I have been flirting with the idea of owning my own domain name for a while now and finally took the leap. I'm entering a new phase in life and with these exciting changes, I felt like this space was ready for a fresh new look. My new blog is called She Seeks Simplicity and as you can guess from the name, the blog as well as the look will be cleaner, and simpler. You can still expect "Fridays Finds" as well as some yummy vegan recipes, but I also wanted a space where I could be accountable for simplifying my life and hopefully inspiring others in the meantime. So please stop by and check it out and bookmark the page. 

I  have also created a Facebook page for the new blog so you can stay up to date with posts, which you can find here