Sep 29, 2010

How Could I Not Have Known

Jose Gonzalez-Teardrop

Happy National Coffee Day!
How could I not have known that today is the holiday that celebrates one of my favorite things in life.

Coffee, to me, has such a deep and personal meaning. When I was younger my mom would drop me off at my grandma's before I went to preschool. My grandma would still be in her dressing gown and she would fix both herself and me a cup of coffee. Okay, before you freak out, she would fill the coffee cup with about 1/5 coffee and the rest was milk and sugar. It was our little treat in the mornings. I would then sit in her lap in the rocking chair and we would just sit there in silence and rock in the early morning light.

I credit her for instilling my love of coffee into my life.

Coffee: ( warmth, comfort, energy and relaxation at the same time, friends, weekend mornings, reading, curling up under the blankets...)

images via: weheartit


    It's precious moments like yours that make having a favorite anything so much more worthy of being a favorite!

    I agree, coffee is also one of my favorite things! Now, only if I had time to brew myself a cup ... :)


  2. such a cute/fantastic ritual to have with your grandma!

  3. Such a cute moment to share with everyone! Now I'm going to have to make myself some coffee to celebrate!


  4. Coffee is love.