Sep 20, 2010


Tampa Red-It Hurts Me Too

I would just like to very quickly share my lovely little mug that my wonderful friend Hilary so kindly bought me. She knows me well. Owls+Mugs=Love. It has inspired me to do a mug post to come soon so that I can share all of my favorite mugs with you! For now, I will leave you with this new little owl of mine. I can't wait to have my morning coffee now!

As for the music... hope you all are in a Blues-ey mood. I'm really feeling it right now. Goodnight all!


  1. Love, that mug is spectacular!!

    Also, I know you've been saying how you're really interested in the 20s/30s blues....

    Well I wasn't sure if you've ever heard of this band, but they're pretty good and I think you'll enjoy them. They're called Carolina Chocolate Drops. Very much a great representation of the era.

    Until next time, take care =)

  2. what an amazing comment you made on my blog... it pulled at my heart strings ♥

    lovely mug, rings, and eyes

    xx theshowmanship

  3. kawaii!

    n pretty rings! i wanna see them closer:)

  4. @wherethewhimsicalthingsare- thank you!
    @Nathan-i will definitely check them out thanks! let me know if you know any others
    @Ingrid-No worries. everyone needs a little bit of inspiration every once in a while. you are a constant inspiration for me so I thought I would share the love! and thank you :)
    @aoi-tank you!!! i'll probably do a post sometime soon on my jewelry that I wear every day, so keep following :)