Sep 22, 2010

As Ladybugs Dance

Blue Foundation-Eyes on Fire

As Ladybugs Dance

An open field by the river
The floorboards creek
Acoustics accompanying the grass orchestra
The crisp breeze whispers through our house
Paints our skin as we lay entwined

The candles still flicker
As wax silently drips to the floor
The reflection in our eyes aligned

A ladybug clings to the window pane
She dances for us

The sun has returned
from his never-ending odyssey
Casting his light on our skin
He greets us over the pines
a free spirited, traveling gypsy

Your breath and mine
In and out
Just like the waves of the sea
Ticking away the sands of time

With you
In this old house
and our grass orchestra

Happy first day of fall everyone!
(even though it was 90 degrees today!)
I cannot wait for apple cider, pumpkins, corn mazes, scarfs, beanies, coats, chunky boots, falling leaves, chilly nights, walks in the park ( could go on forever...)

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