Sep 26, 2010

Happy Sunday!

Colin Hay-Pure Love

Sunday Mornings...

I was woken up this morning by my lovely younger sister who decided to cook the family pancakes! Such a lovely little treat. I added strawberries and a bit of chocolate to the pancakes. I also got to use my new coffee mug this morning.

Plans for the day include catching up on some bio and chem reading, taking a bike ride and maybe some DIY projects. I will keep you all updated once I work on the projects a bit more!

What about you lovelies? What are your plans for this beautiful Sunday? Anything more interesting than reading for chemistry and biology?

I would just like to add even though it is obvious, that I adore my sister


  1. Oooo, Morgan!!! I wish you were here!!! The family and I are going to the pumpkin patch....just like the one we went to that time =)

    It's perfectly chilly up here and I can tell it's definitely going to be an amazing day

    We're hollowing out pumpkins later and making sweet-glazed baked pumpkin seeds =) So good!!

    Well have fun with all of your projects....if you ever need bio or chem help let me know! Love you and miss you <3

  2. worked out. cooked an amazing Honey-mustard salmon :) to die for. hanging out. enjoy your studying.