Sep 19, 2010

Oh How I Love Random Art Festivals

Blind Willie McTell-Drive Away Blues

I was going out to lunch today with my dear friend Chantal when we came across a random art street festival where car painting, folk music and sidewalk chalk ensued. There were some amazing artists there and I even got to take a stab at playing one of the folksy instruments. Afterwards Chantal and I grabbed some mulled apple cider from a lovely little cafe called Sitwells. Let me tell you, this apple cider is aaaammmmaaazzzziiiinnggg. (Yes it deserves that many letters, that's how good it is.) If you live in the Cincinnati area, you should stop by and sample it. Anyways, I will leave you all with some lovely pictures from the event. I hope everyone had a great weekend. It sure has been a lovely one here. Also, I want to say hello to all of my lovely new readers. Thank you so much for checking out my page and following me. Feel free to leave comments as well! I read and respond to all comments.

*On a side note, I am trying to carry my camera with me as much as possible so I can keep you lovelies all up to date. I am working on working up enough nerve to not feel awkward taking pictures of other people. I really enjoy taking pictures yet sometimes I feel so awkward asking if I can take someone's picture. Plus, there is something so beautiful about candid pictures.

the painting of the cars
the folk band
awesome antique instruments
I got to play one of the instruments! Called a Marxolyn or something like that
Cute little kiddies making their own art
amazing artists

amazing how it is so beautiful yet so temporary. Art reflecting life...

the cutest little boy watching and participating

Mmmmm Sitwells...
Sitwells Cafe and a view of downtown Cincinnati from Chantal's


  1. you're pictures are looking so amazing! you are quite the photographer :)

  2. aww thanks love! I'm trying to carry it with me everywhere so that I can capture fun little moments like these. I really want to get an SLR at some point but then I would have to learn how to use it. I'm sure Sean knows how to use them right? Maybe I could convince him to help me if I ever got one :)

  3. how fun! That car looks amazing.

  4. hey mo-chan!
    its me ur lovely frined aoi in tokyo:)
    i just got ur mssg and start reading ur blog and im already loving it!
    im reading from the first post and... love the fotos<3 love the music<3 love the quotes<3.

    i will be exciting to read before i got bed everyday from now on. tehehehe<3

    mucho loves.

  5. Aoi! I am so glad you are reading. thanks so much! I miss you, hopefully you can at least stay connected with me through this little blog! aishiteru!

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  7. Great photos, this festival looked amazing. Wish we had more things like that here!!