Sep 29, 2010


Laura Veirs-Don't Loose Yourself

Today i partook in some retail therapy and bought these wonderful vintage boots from this lovely Etsy store.

I was so excited to purchase them and have had my eye on them for a while now but was waiting for my paycheck! Lisa said they are going to be in the mail tonight. Cannnoot wait.
I admit, these shoes are kinda dorky but that is exactly why I love them. I can't wait to pair them with some skinny jeans. They will be my go-to-shoes.

I am also really feeling glasses this fall. I really should be wearing my glasses all the time but don't. I think I will go back to my glasses on occasion.

Other looks I am into this fall:




knee socks:

What looks are you into this fall?

Also, just as an afterthought, I am thinking about getting my straight across bangs cut back in. I used to have them and looooved them and got a lot of compliments on them but I have grown them out and they are now just side-swooped bangs. I am so ready for a change and I think this is just what I need. What are your thoughts on bangs? Here are some photos that I find inspiring:


I just want to say hello to my new readers! I so appreciate the comments you are all leaving on my posts. It makes it totally worth spending time on this little blog of mine! I read every comment, so keep them coming!


  1. Aww I love LisaZain! One of my favorite etsy shops.

    The apple of my eye this fall has been my constant hunt for flat thighhigh boots. I have visions of rocking them with bright peeking tights and mini dress/long cardigan combos. <3

  2. Lovely stuff! I'm into lots of layers..big cardigans, scarves, skinny jeans (still) and brogues (or oxfords). I'm embracing the autumn/winter this year. You have a lovely blog. Thanks for the comments you have left me. Have a nice day x

  3. OVer the knee socks and vintage boots??!! Yes please! This is fabulous!
    xo tash

  4. @DaniDannyDanielle that sounds like such a fun look!
    @Kerry I love layers too! I mean you def have to do them right but I am into layers for fall/winter. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I love your blog!
    @thechirpybird thanks! I will keep you all updated once I get the boots in :)

  5. Yay yay get bangs cuz I have one too<3 hehe