Sep 16, 2010


Dobacaracol-Baiser Salé

I don't know if it because of my new-found interest in cooking, the change of seasons or what exactly it is but I have been feeling more and more domestic recently. I know, I know, the word "domestic", to me at least, has had a very negative connotation in the past. But I have begun to see it a bit differently. I am not talking about Stepford Wife domesticity, where the woman gives up all of her desires and pleasures in life in order to make everyone else around her happy. I am talking about these amazing women I have been reading about in various blogs who seem to be able to balance baby, husband and jobs while maintaining their creativity. They are awesome cooks, businesswomen, designers and writers. It is so inspiring to see that there are different paths in life and that you can choose that path. I read a quote today on Aura Joon and loved it. It said: "Let the beauty of what you love be what you do." I could not agree more. Life is too short to not be surrounding yourself with what you love.

On another note, I cannot wait until I am in my own apartment/home. I cannot wait ot start decorating. Interior decorating is one of my favorite side projects. I love making spaces my own and I love helping out my friends as well. Right now I am really inspired by simplistic, clean designs inspired by nature. I found this really great online magazine that focuses on decoration called Lonny Mag. I will definitely be bookmarking this page for future reference. I am also really inspired by Urban Outfitters and their while home decorating section. I cannot wait until I can move out west. preferably Seattle or Oregon and move into my own space and start decorating. Until then, a girl can certainly dream....

Inspiration from Lonny Mag...

More Inspiration....

Also, Rumi from fashiontoast did a great photoshoot with Free People catalog at this spectacular house outside of Philadelphia. I think it does a great job of letting nature and the surroundings decorate the house itself. It has such a natural and basic approach and I am in love.

Items that will be found in my home: candles, sea shells, coral, starfish, antlers, faux fur rugs, driftwood, paper lamps, lots and lots of coffee mugs, lots and lots of plants (aloe, hanging baskets, palms), fresh flowers, lots and lots of books, a record player, a bust of Beethoven, wine, fresh fruits, old medicine jars, mason jars of herbs and pebbles, incense, vintage pictures of family, Mexican blankets, pillows...

Well, that is it for now my lovely readers. I appreciate you all checking out my page. If you like what you see, don't be shy; follow me! Don't worry you won't receive pesky emails or anything. It just helps me to see who is interested in the blog and motivates me to continue searching for more and more interesting finds


  1. I love this post. I love these pictures! Decorating is something I love to do, also. It sucks not having money to buy lovely things, though!

  2. gahhh i know what you mean about money. But the awesome thing is that you can find so many things at thrift stores. I have so many fun little knick-knacks that I have collected over the year that I can't wait to put in an apartment when I have one. And a lot of the natural stuff you can find in nature, like wood and shells and such. And IKEA is always really affordable. But yes I know what you mean. It can be a challenge for sure. Thanks for reading :)

  3. Yay!! I can tell we're going to be great together when we move out west =)

    I love that we're so in-tune when it comes to creating an environment and designing a room. I'm actually getting ready to paint my room soon and I can't wait. I most definitely can't wait until I'm older and settled into my career and make some money. As soon as that happens I want to live on that fence between nature and city life so I can draw inspiration from the openness, but have the accessibility of urbanization through a variety of different cultures and styles from the city. It'll be truly amazing to be in that spot and decorate....not even decorate, but own home.

  4. totally agree! that is why out west is the best! because you have the city but you are surrounded by the forest, mountains and ocean! I found an apartment complex that I am in love with today and it's pricey but so beautiful! :
    they are studios so im not quite sure how we could work that out but I just love the style of this place. Was also looking out in Oregon in Portland and found some really nice places for a decent price :) I can't wait either! <3

  5. Your blog is just darling!

    -Weezy from

  6. @ Uptown Twirl-don't you just love it??! So simple yet so beautiful.
    @Alyspank- thank you! I stopped by and checked out your blog as well. Love it. Am following now :)