Oct 1, 2010

Words of Encouragement

Aqualung-Good Times Gonna Come

I usually try to be pretty candid about the happenings of my life on here (at least the deeply emotional stuff). But at the same time I think a lot can be gained from hearing from complete strangers who have had many similar experiences themselves. It is a nice feeling to know you have this little world of people out there who support you.

That being said, V and I have decided to go out separate ways after a year of being together. It was my choice and as hard as it was to make in the moment, I know in my heart it was the right decision. He understood and said that I had to do what I felt was in my heart. In my heart I felt that I needed to focus on myself and what I really want and see for a partner in my life. Have you guys every been in a relationship where you feel you lost yourself? How did you find yourself again? I pride myself on being very in touch with my thoughts and emotions and it saddens me so much to think that I have lost touch with that. I know that relationships are all about accommodating to other people but to what extent? Have you ever let go of a relationship because you truly felt in your heart of hearts that it was not for you? Did you fear never finding anyone again? People say that you will find the right person but honestly it seems so daunting.

I am excited to enter this new stage in life where I just focus on myself and what I want. I am excited to reconnect with my old self with this newly gained knowledge from this last relationship. I was just wondering if you lovelies had any words of encouragement to help me get through this rough patch.

This world can feel so big and lonely yet when it comes down to it we all experience the same feelings of love and sadness.

I apologize if this post is not what you were expecting on a Friday morning. I just want to say thank you ahead of time for any words of encouragement. I promise a "Friday Finds to Inspire" post is coming later today.

Much love

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  1. Everyday is a new day full of new opportunities! If you know this relationship is not for you, than I applaud you for taking the steps to free yourself and your significant other from something you know won't work.

    You may not see it now, but everything will be ok. I broke up from my bf / ex fiance of 4yrs and it took me a reflection of the rest of my life with him before I recongized it wasn't for me. I had completely lost myself, to the point where I couldn't even recognize the person I had become. But after may heart broken nights, I learned to move on and really do what was right for me. In the end, I found my mr right with whom I have a beautiful baby boy with now and a life I consider near perfect.

    I wish you all the best in this new chapter of your life. Just keep a positive outlook and keep moving forward. You'll know it's right, when it's right.


  2. Hey Morgan, I'm sorry you're going through this, but as you said, you felt in your heart it was the right thing to do. Keep following your heart. I might have had a similar experience. When I broke up with my boyfriend before I went to India, it was a tough decision, but at the same time, there was a part of me that really knew it was the right one. I'm glad I trusted that part of me, because I'm happy for where it has gotten me today.

    I'm at a similar place in my life where I am really just trying to focus on myself, and I feel like sometimes that is really important to not let other people distract you from listening to your own heart.

    I try not to fear loneliness, because I think that as I continue to find myself and become the person that I truly want to be, I will attract other like-minded people into my life.

    I'm always hear to lend a shoulder if you ever need it. Don't be afraid to ask.

  3. Hey Morgan I might had or having the same experience as what u are goin thru now.. I broke up with my bf whom I dated for 2.5yrs n I really we really liked each other but we wanted see more of "myself". I liked him way too much that my heart was always about him,care about him,see my future WITH him...etc yea I was seeing him more than my own self. So we broke up. Some of my friends didn't understand why I would break up with someone I love but I know I did the right thing. I wanted find out who I really am without him, I wanted find out what I want to do for MY future and what I like to do:-) and I believe if I keep following what my heart wants, I will meet someone special again! So I'm good you are great! HUGS!! Miss u morgan aishiteru<3

  4. ... you can never find who you were before the relationship... but you can find a new and wonderful 'myself'.

    x the showmanship

  5. i used to feel like i couldn't share anything too personal on my blog, but i've discovered that sometimes bloggers are better to share things with than people close to me. i think that a lot of people who read your blog really care about what's going on in your life and are happy to give encouragement.

    i think in many relationships, it can be easy to loose a sense of yourself after time, as things can sort of get one-sided. i think it's brave to let go of a relationship to focus on yourself, and also important, because you can't be good to someone else if you've forgotten who you really are.

    so, good luck to your future and rediscovering who you are, and remember to change for no one!

  6. i absolutely understand the feeling of being lost - that was a key part of why i filed for divorce 6 years ago. Like Momma above said, i saw where my future would be and he was not the kind of man i could ever be OK with having kids with, and i looked at myself and hardly recognized the independent, confident, happy girl that had started to dissolve during my marriage. what helped? time, reevaluating my friendships, making sure i was creating my life and not letting it be created by others. and mostly? listening to my intuition. whenever we as women stop, that's when things get messy - i truly believe this. peace to you during this new transition to your next chapter.