Oct 15, 2010

Friday Finds to Inspire

Jenny Owen Youngs-First Person
I used to listen to her a ton my freshman year of college but kind of forgot about her until I saw a photo of her recently. love her stuff!

I recently have become obsessed with fuckyeah tumblrs and I found quite a few yesterday that I thought were lovely so I thought this week I would share some!

this makes me smile so big
my favorite writer of all time
Mmm gotta love James Dean
adore this. Is it bad that I know who each one is?? Nahh just means I'm a devoted fan :)
ohmygosh is this even real??! So cute!

Hope everyone has a great weekend. It is so beautiful here with the leaves changing and the weather cooling off. I am getting so antsy being sick, stuck in the house when all I want to do is go for a long walk. Having severe vertigo is sort of prohibiting me though.... Anyways, tomorrow is my best friend's wedding! I am so excited for her and cannot wait! What are your plans for the weekend??


  1. Love the Beatles art print!!!
    And that little pooch is darling!!!
    I hope you are feeling better,
    Happy Friday!!!

  2. thank you! I am improving very slowly but surely. and yes aren't they both amazing!

  3. Love Emerson...one of my faves! That dog is sooo cute! I want to squeeze him! :o)

  4. Glad to find a fellow Emerson lover! :) And yes that puppy is adorable! It almost looks fake it is so cute!

  5. i love emerson tooo, amazing. and that puppy is beyond cute...makes me want one!


  6. the fuckyeahbeatles is awesome! that would be a cool print. thanks for sharing :)

  7. no problem! thanks for stopping by! I would love to find that print and frame it some day :)