Oct 14, 2010


Norah Jones-Sunrise

I have to admit, recently it seems the Irish in me does not want to subside. Don't get me wrong, I am proud of my Irish roots, but I have always tried to hide the red tint in my hair. Recently I dyed it a dark dark brown but the red still shines through. I became frustrated until I came across these lovely women who do red heads some good. It made me realize that while it is compeltely fine and actually very fun to experiment with hair color, that it is also okay to come to terms with the red tint in my hair. So here is an ode to all of you lovely pale redheads out there and redhead lovers. You are beautiful!

So natural and gorgeous

Whoever happens to be this little girl's parents, I just want to say, you are pretty rad. Love it.

(Oh by the way, the verdict is an inner ear infection caused by a virus that has kinda gone throughout my body. The inner ear infection has caused me to feel like I am constantly on a sailboat in the middle of the ocean. Kinda trippy but not any kind of fun whatsoever. At least I have an explanation for it now and medication. The bad news is that the sea sickness medication knocks me out so I am trying to stay away from it as much as possible. That means that I am constantly nauseous but I'd rather be nauseous than unconscious. Luckily my professors are being very kind and are letting me make up my exam and labs. I just want to say thank you to the love and well wishes sent my way. )


pictures via: fuckyeahredhair
for another awesome website devoted to redheads, check out fuckyeahredheads


  1. I personally like red headed people, they've got like some extra point of personality no one else has. I'd love to paint my hair this one one day :)

  2. i love red hair. i dyed my brown hair red for a while..don't hide it, embrace it : )

    ps: i'd love it if you stopped by http://lifespelledjen.blogspot.com

  3. @ Zuza you should! I am still trying to get up enought nerve to do it. maybe I will let me old color kind of come back in and then decide.

    @Jen how did that go??! I am nervous to use store bought dyes when I am drastically changing my color. Did you got to a salon? And thank you! I stopped by your blog. very cute! :)

  4. embrace the red! but isn't that always the case... "the grass always seems greener on the other side". i remember i went through a phase where i hated my black hair. i would dye it blonde, red, brown...anything but black but now i love my black hair!

    hope you're feeling better!

  5. well the first time i did store bought, but as you might have seen i have dark brown hair so the tint was barely noticeable. that's when i decided to go to the salon. they bleached my hair and then dyed it so it was way red. maybe like the girl in the floral mini, and most didn't like it but i would love to try it again!

    thanks for stopping by and i'm going to do a question and answer post about kimba soon so make sure to come check it out. but i don't want to keep you waiting so i live in miami, fl and you need a license to have a wild animal. the law changed recently so we are the last people allowed to have one...kinda cool huh?

    i will be following...hope you can too