Dec 10, 2010


What is it about nooks that draw us in?
As children we would escape for hours to far off lands while hiding under draped sheets and linens.
And yet as we grow older we still seem to have such a pull towards recreating those scenes.
I love nooks.
My bed lies by a big window overlooking my street. I have it pushed up against two walls, pillows stacked, twinkling lights turned on. It is my little nook. My little haven.
It seriously is a place that brings me such happiness. No matter how stressed I am or what mood I am in, I can come to my nook, pick up a novel, turn on some music and escape.
It is truly magical...



  1. i love hiding myself in a nook for hours. it always gives a great time to think about everything without being interrupted :)

  2. i know! it's great. It's good to have a place that is all your own to escape :)

  3. I adore these photos! I want to go build a fort and hideaway for hours