Dec 14, 2010

Holiday Wish List-Art Edition

I am a sucker for a good print or piece of art. So without further ado...

I love this cloth wall hanging from this Etsy shop. Such a great piece yet really affordable!

I also love these lovely ink and watercolor prints from this Etsy shop. I love creating ink and watercolors, so naturally I am a sucker for other ink and watercolor prints.

"It Had to be You"
"City of Stars" and "Cold Outside"

I am also obsessed with these whimsical watercolor and ink prints from this lovely Etsy shop. I must order one of these immediately, I just can't decide which one!

"Hunter" and "Forest and Fields"
"Fox in the Woods"
she is saying "we disregard what we've got, always chasing what we've not" (an old Slovak proverb)

"Sea Sister"
"The Twins"

I love this adorable bear print from this shop. Also, stop by and check out her blog while you are at it!

Finally, I have seen this beautiful prints circulating the blogging world and I couldn't help but to repost them. So stop by this lovely Etsy shop to check out her amazing work.

"Sarah" and "Rimma"

Hope everyone is keeping warm!
Which are your favorites??


  1. I love the snow globe and the girl with the bunnies... and I absolutely adore "Rimma," what a beautiful portrait!

  2. jus came across your blog,
    love it :)

    Follow you on Google Connect now!!

  3. I love a bear pic! :)