Dec 17, 2010

Friday Finds to Inspire is Back!

Mumford and Sons - The Cave

Sitting with my cup of coffee, staring out the windows at everything blanketed snow, it is no wonder that my "Friday Finds to Inspire" post this week is inspired by all things wintery, cozy & warm. Also, I hope you enjoy the music. They are a band introduced to me by the lovely Nathan. They are from England and sort of rock my socks off, especially their amazing banjo solos.


Mmmm cozy cats and coffee
cozy winter sweaters and socks
i am all about soft knits. and her hair is amazing. I must learn how to do this...
cozy rooms and cozy lights
really loving cozy little wintery villages right now. The one on the right is Reykjavik Iceland which is on my list of "must visit" places
Icelandic horses and cute little villages

Which images are your favorites?

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  1. Love it. Also...I think there's a video on youtube that teaches you how to do a fishtail braid. I love the pictures of the twinkle lights <3 They're definitely making me feel all cozy

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  3. I think my mom knows how to do it, maybe I'll ask her, or just watch the video haha. i know I can't get enough of twinkle lights!