Dec 30, 2010

En Pointe...

Swan Lake- Tchaikovsky

I went and saw Black Swan a couple of days ago and cannot get it out of my mind. It is such a stunning movie and Natalie Portman definitely deserves an Oscar for her amazing acting in the film.

I took ballet when I was little, just like almost every other little girl, but I quit after only a year or two. This movie made me wish I would have stuck with it, but at the same time it shows the pressure put on dancers to be perfect in every way. Ultimatley, the desire to be perfect is what imprison's Natalia Portman's character. Mila Kunis is also in the movie and both actresses do an amazing job.

Anyways, I thought I would share with you all some pretty ballet images I found. I find them to be so inspiring and beautiful. I even wore my hair in a little ballerina bun on top of my head today. I think it can be so feminine and dainty :)


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  1. my main dream in life when i was younger was to be a ballerina, but mom always said i couldn't take classes :( i found an art/dance studio here that has adult beginner classes, and i think i might do it! movies like black swan make me want the class even more!

  2. wow that is amazing that you found an adult class. That inspires me to look into it. I thought about it but the only images that came into mind were me in a tutu surrounded by 6 year olds haha. I would love to find some creative way to get moving again and I think ballet could definitely do that. And I definitely encourage you to follow through and do it! Let me know how it goes and thank you for giving me an idea