Dec 29, 2010

Look What Santa Brought Me!

Just thought I'd share with you all some of the surprises that Santa brought me....
(this year I did things a bit differently and composed a "wish list" which I then sent out to my family members. I felt so awkward doing so because I didn't want to come off sounding greedy, but I just thought that a few personal items would make Christmas so much more exciting and personal this year rather than just receiving money, and I was right. It was so nice receiving such lovely gifts from my family members this year)

my beautiful wall hanging that I mentioned in this post from Etsy. I was nosy and checked online a few weeks ago to see if it was still listed and it was sold and I was really hoping that I was going to be the lucky recipient....and I was! So happy. When I got home I hung it up right away. I also sat my special piece of drift wood on top of it. I picked up that piece of driftwood in Washington State. I always say that I left a bit of my heart there, so I felt that it was only fair that I took a bit of Washington with me :)
I also asked for a beautiful egyptian cotton throw that I found online and was so pleased with it! This color makes me so happy and relaxed and comfy in my room
If you know me well then you know I adore candles. So My parents bought me lots of candles and a pretty dish and pebbles to set them in. The sea shells were already mine. I bought the candle on the right with my christmas money from the Yankee Candle Company. They were having a sale on holiday scented candles. In my opinion, these smells can never get old. I think I will be burning pumpkin pie candles even in the summer! I love how big it is and hope it lasts a longggg time.
The domestic side of me asked for some cooking appliances and I was one happy cook when I opened my hand mixer and food processor. I can't wait to prepare some fresh pasta sauces and salsa. When summer comes around I can take veggies straight out of my garden and make such fresh sauces and salsa. Cannot wait.
I also asked for this beautiful peony filagree ring and was so happy when I found out that my aunt had bought it for me. It is so beautiful and feminine and I am in love. I keep smiling when I look down at it.
With the my christmas money I did some major clothing and shoe shopping. I was too lazy to take pictures of all of my clothes but I am sure you will be seeing them in future posts. As for the shoes, I couldn't resist these ankle boot heels from Target. I used to complain about wearing kitten heels but honestly, I have been wearing some wedged boots almost every day and I feel my feet are adapting because these were pretty darn comfortable! I am so proud of myself haha! I love how a good pair of shoes can make you feel so amazing. I love them.
I also couldn't resist the sale on flats at Charlotte Rousse and bought two pairs. Shiny ballet-style flats (above) and pink/silver flats with a bow (below) They will be perfect once warmer weather decides to make an appearance (which here means at least another 2 1/2 months)
Also, I bought myself a new school bag at Forever XXII. I adore it and it has so many great compartments. I would say it is definitely an upgrade from my old backpack which is literally a cheap-o backpack from Walmart or Kmart or one of those.

Finally, my mom knows my love for Frida Kahlo, so she surprised me when we were shopping at the mall with this lovely Frida Kahlo 2011 calendar. It is now hanging in my room and every day I get to look at the amazing paintings of such an amazing woman. She is definitely an inspiration

Anyways, more than anything, I have enjoyed being able to spend time with family. From family movie nights, failed attempts at gingerbread house decorating and baking cookies to decorating the tree and seeing the smile on friends' and family's faces as they open their gifts, this Christmas has been pretty fantastic.

What has been your favorite memory this holiday season? What was your most favorite gift?

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