Dec 10, 2010

Holiday Wish List-Clothing Edition

Hello my lovelies!
it is the first day of my stress free, homework free winter break.
And I am up at 6am!
No, I did not plan it that way but my body still thinks it is in study mode. I woke up with my mind going a mile a minute. So I decided to do a post of my holiday wish list. I plan on doing a few different categories, starting with clothes!

I really adore this hat from this Etsy shop

I love these vintage dresses from Miss James' wonderful vintage online shop called Bluebird Vintage. Check out her website here and her blog here! She is simply the cutest and her family is adorable!

I adore this vintage lace shirt from Audrey's wonderful Etsy shop.

These coats, inspired by the Northwest (a company after my own heart!), is based in Portland. I love them. A lot. Click here to check out their website! I adore the green one.

These shoes from Lulu's are to die for. I love strappy wedges!

Finally, I absolutely adore these Navajo/western inspired print vintage sweaters from the amazing eBay shop, American Archive

they also have some really cute dresses!

note: I sponsor none of these lovely shops. I just find their items to be truly beautiful.