Jun 12, 2014

Chop Chop // What I'm Listening To

The past month and a half have been filled with non-stop travel, which don't get me wrong, is never a bad thing in my book. Someone told me recently that my time I spend home is a vacation from vacations because I am gone more than I am ever home. What can I say, I have a wanderer's soul. If I'm not constantly moving or changing things I go stir-crazy.
Speaking of changes, I chopped off more of my hair. This has been such a fun and freeing journey. I started back in December with cutting off over 12 inches.. Since then I have slowly been working my way shorter and adjusting to it. I love how free, choppy and flowy my hair feels. Anyways, here are some progression shots. 

Hair Inspo:
1. 2.
Would love to eventually be able to pull this off

Stay tuned for travel photo journals
Also, what I'm listening to (click to listen):
Sea of Love-Cat Power
Between the Bars-Elliot Smith
Twenty Seven-MS MR

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