Apr 21, 2014

Hocking Hills meets The Walking Dead

I spent the weekend in a cabin in Hocking Hills with friends. 
a little road trip selfie and an amazing sunset

On one of our hikes, I was talking with my friend about how I think it's so easy to focus on trivial distractions in life and how getting back to nature reminds us of what's important. I'm not going to lie when I tell you this conversation came up while discussing The Walking Dead (with which I am ridiculously obsessed).
Ash Cave and Cockles Hollow Gorge Trail

This might come off sounding a bit out there, but I told her how I'm obsessed with post-apocalyptic books and movies because I think it is so interesting how society deals and how people show their true colors. As we were walking through the forest on this hike I told her how it would be interesting to have to revert back to a more simplistic lifestyle and start over like they had to do in The Walking Dead. Minus the zombies of course. That would be a major downer.
For the Good Times!

Old Man's Cave
Anyways, now I'm rambling, My whole point to this post was to say that
getting back to the basics, sitting with friends around a fire, waking up in a cabin surrounded by trees and the birds chirping, and cooking your breakfast over a fire ain't so bad. In fact, I would recommend everyone take a break every now and then and reconnect...
Old Man's Cave

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