Jan 4, 2011

Tea Time Tuesdays V. IV

Okay, so I am changing things up a bit this year with a different twist on my usual "Tea Time Tuesdays" posts. Just as a refresher, these are the posts where in the past I have interviewed some of my favorite bloggers and shared their blogs with all of you lovely readers.

As much as I loved communicating with and sharing my fellow bloggers, setting up interviews and organizing them all became just a bit much. Plus, I felt like the questions became mundane and repetitive. So instead (with the permission of the featured bloggers of course) I am sharing my thoughts on their blogs and what makes them so great. I feel it will be a bit more personal of a touch. I hope you enjoy!

Oh and this feature is called "Tea Time Tuesdays" because I would be delighted to sit down and have tea with any one of these wonderful bloggers.

So without further ado... starting out the new year is......
Chelsea from Tea Talk
(fitting, I know!)

The reason I love Chelsea's blog so much, well I have many reasons, but one of the major reasons is that she has such great outfit posts where she features both herself and her boyfriend. The clothing does not feel pretentious and is actually something that can be done and worn by most people. I love that she also includes her boyfriend in the photos because I feel that men's clothing and style is too often overlooked in the blogging world. I think we all wish our boyfriends dressed a little more like him, don't you agree?!

As for Chelsea, I absolutely love her style. She does a great job putting together a a fun vintage-ey look but most of her finds are really accessible. Plus aren't her freckles and platinum blond hair adorable?! I have had the opportunity of being in contact with her (I won one of her fantastic giveaways) and she was so sweet. Sincerity is always endearing.

Another thing I love so much about Tea Talk is that you can really tell how much Chelsea loves where she lives in Phoenix, Arizona. She showcases some awesome places to check out while there and it really seems like she takes advantage of living in such an awesome city!

Anyways, I hope after reading this you feel encouraged to stop by Tea Talk to check out such a wonderful blog. It will be well worth your time!


  1. love, love Chelsea. Glad she was featured!

  2. how about Theremin Thursdays. Where you make a theremin out of something new every thursday.

  3. I know isn't she great! oh and thanks for following, I love your blog!

    Sergey- hahaha that is the most random ting of the year so far. So funny. I will take that into consideration.... hahaha. Hope all is well in Vietnam! XOXO