Nov 30, 2010

Christmas Lights, Candles & Tea

Fleet Foxes - White Winter Hymnal
I know I have played them before but this song fits the post so well

Just a quick post to show you all my holiday decorations in my room. I strung christmas lights in my room and I absolutely love it. I am about to curl up with a book and some tea. Just wanted to share my cozy little nook with you all. Hope everyone had a great Tuesday!



  1. I love it love, I wanna come and sleep over again :). Great job!

  2. thank ya hun!
    and you are welcome over anyyytime.
    we shall do a bonfire and wine extravaganza again :)
    Just let me know

  3. That looks so comfy cozy! I absolutely love the lighting that Christmas lights put into a room. Perfect book reading atmosphere. =]

  4. So cute and cozy! I love the soft twinkle that Christmas lights have. I put up purple ones in the bedroom at Halloween, and decided to leave them up because they were so pretty! :o)

    xo. Amy