Nov 29, 2010

Adventures in Cooking and Radical Self Love

Well, my dear followers, I have been experimenting a bit in the world of cooking and have really been making an effort to fix fresh meals. Over the past month or so, I have really become aware of what I put into my body and how that affects me.

I have also really been trying to focus on living in the moment and really eenjoying what life has to offer us. I now spend much more of my time looking at recipes online, doing arts and crafts, grocery shopping, cooking, reading, etc. I hate wasting my time in front of the television and find my days so much more fulfilled when I fill them with things that fill my soul with joy. (Not to mention I also have school and final exams to keep me busy!)

I can't wait to continue on these new cooking adventures and develop my skills. I cannot wait to one day be able to cook for someone else, cook for a family. For now though, I don't mind taking on the burden of eating this yummy food.

I stayed home from work today because of this stupid allergic reaction I have been having so I had a lot of time on my hands.
So without further ado, my day went a little something like this.....

I spent the morning with Mr. Bagira, did some yoga while listening to Pandora radio online (Madeleine Peyroux station) and did week 3 of my 100 push ups challenge. Check it out here (I am determined to develop some guns by the end of this program)

I then made myself some breakfast while listening to music. On today's menu was french toast topped with cooked apples and nonfat french vanilla yogurt with blueberries and cooked apples. I used egg beaters egg whites for the french toast because they are so much lower in cholesterol and in calories yet taste the same! To make the cooked apples I peeled a granny smith apple and chopped it up, put it in a pot and covered it slightly with water and brought it to a boil. I added some stevia and cinnamon. The breakfast was delicious....

I then decided to peruse the internet for yummy, healthy meals. I saved a ton of tabs in my bookmark menu. I think I will be doing a post very soon with some of my favorite saved recipes.

My next adventure involved grocery shopping. I am ashamed to admit it, but I have never bought meat/fish at the grocery. You see I am pescetarian (I eat fish but no other types of meat). I was kind of intimidated but eventually got over it and went up to the seafood counter and ordered some shrimp and some white cod fillets. Next was to the organic veggies department to pick up some essentials. I could spend hours in the grocery store. I spent nearly an hour there, roaming the isles for random necessities like lemon juice, turmeric, broth and more. Once home, I embarked on making shrimp paella. The website said that it would take a total of 35 minutes to prepare. That time is evidently for experienced cooks, because it took me about double that time. I didn't mind though, it was fun figuring it all out while listening to a little mood music (the Gypsy Kings). You can check them out below:

Press here for some music to accompany the pictures!

So good! and only 180 calories for 1 cup. click here for the recipe! I made so much and I even cut the recipe in half. I have tons of leftovers to last me.

Anyways, I hope you lovelies had a great weekend and a great start to the week. Remember to practice some radical self love and do things that make you happy. They can help to make the most mundane days seem rather extraordinary :)



  1. Ooh, everything looks delish, honey! After last week, I need to eat fresh fruits and veggies too! It really does make you feel better when you fuel your body with healthy foods. I posted a really yummy recipe on my blog a couple weeks ago (veggie friendly) might like it! I love your cat! Is he a Russian Blue? <-- here is the recipe :)

    xo - Amy

  2. Thank you! Yeah it really does make a difference when you eat better. I am quickly learning that quality is way better than quantity.

    That recipe sounds seriously delicious! Thanks for sharing. I have it bookmarked now under my recipes bookmark!

    As for Mr. Bagira, I have no idea what he is. I rescued him from my neighborhood. He was starving and almost completely wild and failing miserably at surviving. I slowly gained his trust through food and now he lives inside with me and is such a cuddle bug and is so appreciative. I love him to death. I'll have to look into Russian Blues. He is black all over with specks of random clusters of white hair, Like one or two strands in random places. And he has green eyes. He's my little booger. I love him.

    Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your lovely comments!
    They brighten my day :)

  3. Looks delicious, Morgan!

    I'm so bummed I didn't get to see you while I was home, but I hope you're feeling much better now!

    Also, thanks for the reminder about self love and filling your time with things that make you happy! So easy to forget, but so so important to remember. Thank youuu. :]


  4. Aww thanks love! I'm bummed too but hopefully I'll be seeing you over winter break?? Maybe? If not I will be coming up to Michigan after Christmas and will definitely see you then! And no worries, we all need a reminder sometimes :)

  5. Hi darling..
    what a lovely blog you have here!
    Lotts of beautiful pics and good inspiration! This looks soooooo goood!!! Yummi!

    Keep it up.
    Wanna be followers?
    Love from Stockholm.. xoxo

  6. That looks so deliciously yummy Morgan! I think I smell a cooking date in the near future... :) Great blog honey!

  7. Emma,
    Mos definitely! Thanks for stopping by! I will definitely follow you.
    Thank ya! I was pretty proud :) And yes, cooking date soon! Maybe over break? I am done with classes after next Thur, so let me know when you are free and we can plan something yummy

  8. yummmmm..... cooking at girl's night! :)