May 1, 2010

Turn your lamp down low

this one i took

Blind Willie McTell-Stateboro Blues

There is something so great listening to classical music while driving in the rain, surrounded by spring greenery. Everything is in full bloom now and I am in love with all of the different shades of green.

So glad it is the weekend. Love lazy rainy weekends. Went out last night, saw an awesome band called Chappo in Northside last night. Woke up this morning and went to yoga at Taza coffee shop. Heading to the lovely Victoria's later. Spending the night. Flying Pig in the morning, cheering everyone one. Birthday dinner with the family at my favorite Mexican restaurant. Overall very good weekend.

Just enjoying the simplicities in life. I find myself constantly smiling for no particular reason recently. I think it is just me really embracing the idea of living in the present and enjoying what the world has to offer us.

I'll leave you all with some more Blind Willie McTell to enjoy. His music goes perfectly with the current weather. <3

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