Jul 26, 2011

Tea Time Tuesdays Volume V.

Hello my lovely readers! I am bringing back "Tea Time Tuesdays" with one of my new favorite blog finds.

Meet Kate from Longest Acres, a farmer currently living in South Carolina who is planning on making the move north and bringing along some of her animal friends. She is also a doula and an aspiring midwife.

Her blog is pretty fantastic and I often find myself getting lost there amid her wonderful posts about farming and pictures of her beautiful animals (many of which she has names for). Before you continue, let me warn you, I went a little crazy with the photos because I couldn't decide on just a couple of my favorites. So prepare yourself for cuteness overload.

What I love about Kate's blog is that we get to see both the ups and downs of farm life. As you read her posts you learn about her animals (her family) and their triumphs and tragedies, like the recent loss of the most adorable little chick called Florence which you can read about here. Or the attemtped escape of her piggies here, and the everlasting love for her crippled little piglet Oscar here.

You also grow to appreciate the work and effort that goes into taking care of and sustaining a farm like theirs. Their animals are happy and are free to roam. They sell their produce at farmer's markets and let me tell you, it looks delicious.

Finally, I think the thing I love the most about Kate's blog is the fact that she has consciously chosen to have this life. She escaped the cubicle life and while life on the farm can be challenging, it seems that in the end, it is well worth it. It is the life that I think we all secretly (or not so secretly) wish we could escape to sometimes. And Kate's blog is my little escape!

So, my dear readers, please feel free to stop by kate's blog "Longest Acres" and let me know what you think!

(all photos courtesy of Longest Acres)


  1. Thank you for the super sweet comment! We totally should keep in touch!
    It seems like we really DO have a lot in common becauseI know EXACTLY how you feel when it comes to feeling like an old sailor. I couldn't handle living without ocean anymore! Thats why I had to move to the coast! You'll love Seattle! Its so beautiful!

    Also, longest acres is amazing! I read a while back that she was thinking about canceling it and I was so sad. What she writes and does is so different and unique! I love hearing about what her days have been like :)

    I'm so glad we got to chat!

  2. What beautiful shots!! I wish I could zap myself there right now!

  3. I've recently started viewing her blog too! I can't get enough of her dreamy photos. I grew up on a farm and miss it daily with my city life. Her blog helps me feel calm at the end of the day and remember simpler times. Glad you enjoy her blog too!

  4. What a lovely post! These photos are great! xo


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