May 22, 2011

Backyard Gardening V.I

What have I been up to all weekend you may ask? Well I began my first garden! So this would be the first volume of many to come in my adventures of gardening.

We have been getting excessive amounts of rain in my area recently and it has made my once beautifully dug up garden nothing but a big area of moss, mud and weeds. So I spent most of my weekend shoveling off the top layer of soil and doing my best to turn over the soil. At the end of the day I was covered in blisters, was sunburnt and could barely move a muscle, but I felt oh so proud. These veggies are going to be the best earned veggies I have ever had. That being said, the ground is still to wet to put anything in it, so all of my plants are in little pots right now. Just thought I would share some images of the startings of my little garden!

blisters and sunburn...

the garden! Used to be where the trampoline was, hence the round shape.

the soil finally all best as it could be given the weather.
I so wish I had a before picture to show how far it has come!

sweet banana peppers and bell peppers

tomato plants

zucchini plants

cucumber plants

and some herbs...

greek oregano

cilantro (my favorite!)



lemon thyme

I look forward to sharing more gardening posts!


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